What Kind of World do you want?

a new adventure for humanity

When the Founding Fathers began a new adventure for humanity in 1776

with the declaration to Britain’s government that the people of America choose to be free of tyranny, they knew there was a high probability of failure in the endeavor. They also knew that if by some miracle they succeeded, the endeavor for independence would generate immense opportunities for themselves and future generations.

Providence provided the miracle – helped along with the financial and military assistance from the nation of France. With Vision-2020, there is also high risk for failure. But the rewards that come to the human family if it succeeds, will transform the politics, economics, society and cultures of the world for a higher quality of life enjoyed by all.

Like the American Revolution, success for Vision-2020 is not guaranteed. But the chances for achieving the 20 goals grow immensely if we can achieve the support the project needs to succeed from Americans and the rest of the people of our planet. Three questions must be addressed to make the adventure of Vision-2020 a successful one:

  • Who will support this movement and be remembered in history as heroes for humanity?
  • Where will the movement take place? And,
  • When will we reach the milestones of the movement as we strive for a better world?

Who Can Help Achieve Vision-2020?

Vision-2020 needs the support of individuals who care about the quality of life they and all other people on our planet, including future generations. It requires a critical mass of people to support the movement.

We estimated that at least 100 million people (about one-third of America’s population) need to step up with donations to the project and actions that will make a difference in its success. That number represents 1 percent of the 10 billion people projected to be inhabiting our planet in the mid-21st century.

We believe that our world has that many people who believe in taking positive social actions to protect the future of the human family as well as engage in the fun and effective activities we plan to create to encourage Vision-2020 role. These are people who deeply care about saving our global civilization and want to give humanity the opportunity to not only survive but thrive into the far future.

If we can build Vision-2020, we want it to be a positive game-changer for the 2020 election year by uniting all Americans and giving them the power to push those seeking leadership roles to support the 20 goals.

Just as the American experiment required funding from France to succeed, the reality is that  an ambitious goals of Vision-2020 will also require financial investment to become a reality. Life Media Group will need funding to build the media innovation systems we plan to give the world.

We encourage people who support the goals of Vision-2020 to help us with a donation of between $20 and $1,776. By providing Life Media Group with the financial resources to build a team dedicated to the project’s success, you are investing in the future of the human family.

Where Can We Build Vision-2020?

A movement to transform the world must start somewhere. We decided to launch Vision-2020 locally in the southern region of Silicon Valley where Life Media Group is headquartered.  We have used two newspapers – Gilroy Life and Morgan Hill Life – to test out some of the ideas of media innovation to transform local society, politics, economics and culture. We appreciate the great support the people of the South Valley region have shown in our endeavor. (The region has a population of about 100,000 people, and we hope to gain the support of at least 1 percent – 1,000 people – in supporting Vision-2020.

With that small start, we hope to see the movement spread using the tools of social media and news throughout the entire Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, encouraging leaders in the technology industry to help us promote it. We hope with their help to encourage 100,000 people support it in the Bay Area. With that crucial number reached, we expect Vision-2020 to spread throughout the state of California, encouraged by leaders in politics, media, entertainment, finance who give attention to the project and promote it to the 40 million residents living here.

California has the fifth largest economy in the world, and one reason for that is its people embrace innovation and supports ideas that at first might seem impossible – ideas such as Vision-2020. We expect at least 1 million Californians to embrace the movement and take part in the adventure.

 We hope the rest of America will follow California’s leadership in supporting Vision-2020. We encourage the people in all 50 states and territories to embrace the idea of uniting to create a better world for all humanity. We expect at least 10 million people throughout America to support Vision-2020. If our country can show true leadership in taking steps to make the movement a reality, we expect people in all the nations of the world will be inspired to commit to the cause and the number of supporters will grow to 100 million people.

 How fast can Vision-2020 grow as more people support the goals of this movement?  The answer will come based on how much our nation’s leaders and the leaders in the rest of the world support the cause. People are hungry for hope for their future. This is a promise of a better tomorrow for everyone.

This is an opportunity for the leaders of America to show the content of their character.

When Can We Create Vision-2020?

We have a window of opportunity of between 10 to 12 years window to take real action to build the foundation of Vision-2020 and start reaping its rewards. After the year 2030 if we continue to follow our current path to oblivion, we will likely face a crisis where the environmental, social and economic challenges we have created for ourselves will start be too overwhelming for humanity to solve. We will reach around that year a tipping point of climate change issues, and 9 billion people facing a reduction of resources to sustain a decent quality of life.  If we continue on this path, global industrial civilization may crash by the year 2050. Humanity may decline into a dystopian world with the rise of dictatorships and increasing political tensions as economies break down. Wars will arise as nations compete for dwindling resources such as fuel, food and water. An escalation of violence on a global scale could easily lead to a devastating thermo-nuclear conflict that could cause the collapse of earth’s environment from the aftermath, essentially bringing the extinction of the human family.

Timeline for Vision-2020

  • July 4, 2019 – Introduce Vision-2020 by launching the website and invite the people of the world join this human-benefit movement
  • July 4, 2020 – We have at least 100 million supporters for Vision-2020 send a message to leaders around the world that now is a time for stop fighting and start uniting to achieve the goals for civilization and human survival
  • July 4, 2030 – We demonstrate that Vision-2020’s tools of media innovation can transform America and the rest of the world to achieve a positive and measurable impact on society, politics, economics and culture for all people on our planet
  • July 4, 2050 – We achieve Vision-2020 goals for at least 50 percent of humanity
  • July 4, 2060 – We achieve Vision-2020 goals for at least 60 percent of humanity
  • July 4, 2076 – On the tricentennial of America’s founding, we achieve Vision-2020 for all humanity and honor the Founding Fathers with the launch of a new Age of Enlightenment
  • July 4, 2120 – We as a species achieve a Type 1 civilization status where humanity is joined together in endeavors to explore the solar system and use its resources for our future survival. On this date, we hope the world will honor as heroes for humanity the 100 million people who took a chance and supported Vision-2020.


Consider the gift the Founding Fathers gave the world on July 4, 1776. Consider the soldiers of the Continental Army who bravely stood against the British military to give us that gift, many paying the price with lives and limb. Let’s honor their bravery and sacrifice by continuing their fight for freedom.


Instead of letting 2020 be a year of turmoil where Americans divide themselves by political ideologies, let us instead make 2020 into a year where we set aside the strife and join together as one people guided by the light of our nation’s ideals.


As the Founding Fathers did in 1776, let us give the world a gift of a better tomorrow for all. If we begin our journey today, together we make Earth a home for the human family that is celebrated for wide-spread peace, prosperity and social justice on July 4, 2076.  

“Common Sense” leads to Independence

Benjamin Franklin’s early career in the printing trade showed him how the power of the press can shape people’s understanding and opinion of issues relating to their lives. His experience as editor and publisher of the weekly Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper led him to encourage a British journalist named Thomas Paine to write a 46-page essay called “Common Sense” that gave Americans the reasons for gaining their independence from British rule. It became a best-seller in the 13 colonies when it began its distribution in January 1776. Paine’s words shaped the social will, leading hundreds of thousands of colonial Americans over the course of a few months to understand why the time was right for rebellion, giving public support for the Declaration of Independence signed that summer by the Second Continental Congress.

Donate to Vision-2020

Vision-2020 is a grass-roots effort. Please consider contribution between $20 and $1,776 to Life Media Group to help us build the technology and systems to serve the greater good of humanity with Vision-2020’s goals. We thank you for your support, and look forward to a brighter future for all of humanity!