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it started

In 1776, Americans had the good fortune of being led by men with minds forged in the Age of Enlightenment who held a vision to shape a better world for themselves and future generations.

with courage

The Founding Fathers had the courage to put their lives, liberty and sacred honor on the line in the improbable endeavor of separating from British rule and starting a new country based on democratic principles.

the challenge

Today, America seems to lack the leadership from men and women who have the vision and courage to propose bold ideas for a better world. And the challenges the people of America and the world face in the 21st century are far more threatening to life and liberty than those the people of the 13 colonies faced nearly two and a half centuries ago.

the future

With Vision-2020, we must capture that same spirit that pervades American history and take a chance to strive for the survival of the human family.

why the need for vision-2020

The challenges the people of America and the world face in the 21st century are far more threatening to life and liberty than those the people of the 13 colonies faced nearly two and a half centuries ago. The decline of democracy in America and around the world, the polarization of our politics and society which most likely will lead to violence in the 2020 election year, and the existential threat to human life from the changes to our planet’s ecosystems caused by global warming are challenges that our leaders today have so far failed to address at the serious level they require to amend.

Americans now face a leadership crisis at a time when civilization and human survival is jeopardized on a worldwide level by several threats. Chief among them are the changes to the planet’s weather patterns, negatively impacting life on land, sea and air, as global warming brings increasingly dramatic transformations to the climate. Adding to this is a second threat that comes with the burden of humanity’s overpopulation on civilization’s resources. If we continue the trend, the world’s population of people will go from a current number of 7.7 billion humans to as many as 10 billion by the year 2050. This will occur at a time when will also face a rapid decline in our energy reserves as the fossil fuels of coal and oil become increasingly more expensive to extract and climate-protecting legislation is enacted to reduce carbon-based energy use to preserve our planet’s biosphere. A major breakdown into the world’s energy systems, caused by terrorist attack or lack of electricity, will swiftly bring down our digitally-driven economy. People won’t be able access their money “stored” in servers that require vast amounts of energy to main, and society might quickly decline into anarchy.

 Why must we strive together to achieve the goals of Vision-2020? The paramount reason is for the survival of the human family. We can continue going down the same path we have been following and face a future of a dystopian world where global industrial civilization can no longer be sustained, causing humanity to decline into savagery and violence. Or we can make real the endeavor of saving our civilization and keeping the human race safe from extinction by achieving a new Age of Enlightenment for all humanity. There is nothing in the laws of science that shows achieving Vision-2020’s goals is an impossible undertaking. In the current state of humanity, success for the movement is improbable – perhaps at a state of about 1 percent for a chance at success. The same odds faced the Founders of America on July 4, 1776. We are fortunate that they as underdogs going against the mightiest military power on Earth persevered and fought for freedom. With Vision-2020, we must capture that same spirit that pervades American history and take a chance to strive for the survival of the human family.

How Can Humanity Achieve Vision-2020?

Benjamin Franklin’s early career in the printing trade showed him how the power of the press can shape people’s understanding and opinion of issues relating to their lives. His experience as editor and publisher of the weekly Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper led him to encourage a British journalist named Thomas Paine to write a 46-page essay called “Common Sense” that gave Americans the reasons for gaining their independence from British rule. It became a best-seller in the 13 colonies when it began its distribution in January 1776. Paine’s words shaped the social will, leading hundreds of thousands of colonial Americans over the course of a few months to understand why the time was right for rebellion, giving public support for the Declaration of Independence signed that summer by the Second Continental Congress.

Since the revolutionary invention of Gutenberg’s printing press in the mid-1400s, mass media has held the power to shape the social will of a nation through the words and images distributed through newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the Internet. The social will in turns pushes the political drive, which creates the laws and policies of governances that manages the economy, resources and cultural values of a nation. We can see positive examples of the power of media. The German monk Martin Luther used printed words to reform the corrupted Catholic Church of his day. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, used not only print but also electronic media of television and radio to shape the American social will to encourage political leaders to pass Civil Rights legislation. The warning of history shows us that mass media can also be used for means that can hurt a society. In Germany in the 1930s, Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda master of the Nazi regime, took control over much of that nation’s print and radio communication, using it to shape the social mind, helping to sow the seeds to the mass murders of the Holocaust. In America in the late 1890s, publisher William Randolph Hearst used the power of his publications to promote through false patriotism a war between the United States and Spain.

Today’s digital devices and the Internet have pushed mass media into a new direction that benefits society with instant access to news and opinion. With the technology’s speed and opportunities for anyone now to publish information that reach the entire world comes a danger to our democracy. The spread of disinformation of false news and faked images through social media and unscrupulous sources can manipulate the American mind and sway elections in ways that might not benefit a nation’s citizens in the long term.  We know that hackers in Russia were involved with the distribution of disinformation to American voters through social media in the 2016 election, and media experts fear the same tactic will happen at a greater scale in the 2020 election. Britain’s Brexit voters were swayed by disinformation placed on Facebook ads generating a false fear of immigrants as threats to the safety of citizens.

How Does Life Media Group Plans to Achieve Vision-2020?


To protect our democratic institutions and ensure that we preserve our First Amendment rights of a Free Press, America must bring integrity back into mass media. That’s a key component of Vision-2020. Life Media Group wants to achieve this by building itself as a human-benefit company that is not focused on making a profit for stockholders or owners but instead using technology to promote media content and distribution that protects and enhances the quality of life in communities around the world to benefit the human family.

With Vision-2020, it seeks to use technology to build a system enabling people to  have access to hyper-local and trustworthy media sources that empowers them with more political, economic, social and cultural engagement opportunities. These include:

News Media

News media – A system that provides local stories and opinion pieces that enhance the quality of life in a community by informing residents on the issues that impact their lives locally.

Marketing Media

Marketing media – a system that enables small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to build their businesses and create jobs while benefit consumers by educating them about products and services to promote their quality of life

education resources

Education resources – a system that uses technology to significantly improve humanity by building media resources that empower people to easily and enjoyably gain new knowledge and skills at a low cost

Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment – use technology to build a system that encourage creativity in communities empowering residents to share their ideas and talents through media and also by bringing arts and entertainment into schools to enhance students’ learning experiences

the benefits

Vision-2020 can bring great benefits to America and the rest of the world through media innovation that transforms communities by enabling residents to be better informed and make wiser decisions through high quality content in mass media. Information is power that can change the a society through the political and economic systems.

truth to Power

Life Media Group seeks to ensure that, by using mass media for the benefit of the human family, the power of the people will cause the people in power to work for the best interest of all.

personal Thoughts on vision-2020

By Marty Cheek – America’s Founding Fathers learned from the people of the past. They studied the history of Greece and Rome and the Middle Ages. Their knowledge of the events of humanity helped shaped their leadership vision in 1776. They were also scholars of the Age of Enlightenment, a time of ideas and innovations focused on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the quality of mankind. The men who gave the world the Declaration of Independence and the opportunities of freedom and self-governance would no doubt be amazed at how far their experiment in democratic rule has come. They would feel proud to see the rights they set forth for Americans have expanded here and have been taken up elsewhere in the world. They would also remind us the experiment of American democracy requires constant vigilance. The good we have gained can be forever lost by forgetting the values and virtues we stand for in our republic. The apathy we see among many Americans today toward democracy is the result of an amnesia caused by the failure to truly learn the lessons of our nation’s story.

Like the Founding Fathers, I enjoy learning history and discovering the details of humanity’s narrative. My own family’s story has shaped who I am today and the values I hold in the core of my character. My mother grew up in Berlin, Germany, during the 1930s. She saw firsthand the rise of fascism and how totalitarianism can lead a people down a dark path. Her father voted from Hitler in 1932 because he believed his nation needed a “strong leader” to make it great again. He regretted his vote when he saw tyranny tear the fabric of Germany society apart with growing hatred toward people the Nazis considered unacceptable and not part of the ideal “race” they envisioned. He and his wife secretly helped hide a family Jews in a basement in Berlin to prevent their murder in a death camp. My father taught music to the Japanese-American children kept as prisoners behind barbed-wires at the Tule Lake Internment Camp in California. He saw firsthand how the U.S. government’s actions in turning law-abiding citizens into enemies of the state damaged people’s lives and livelihoods. At a time when Americans were dying in battle to free other nations in Europe and the Pacific, President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the military to place American families into incarceration in camps throughout the country without due process, violating their constitutional rights. We’re now moving toward a world where similar acts of injustice will happen to men, women and children by governments who deem them threats to national security.

For me personally, Vision-2020 can serve as a way to unite Americans with the people of other nations in an endeavor to forever end the atrocities of human rights violations. I consider what happened in Hitler’s Germany and FDR’s America and realize governments throughout the world – including our own – might soon repeat these actions if democracy falls and society fails to respond. History provides a warning we must be wise to pay heed to and prevent a repeat of government-sanctioned barbarities.

There are several reasons that motivate me to strive for a spirit of human excellence with Vision-2020. The first is an ethical obligation. All human beings have a moral mandate to do the right thing. We are at our best when we realize that when we can do good we must do good. The second reason is a curiosity I have about human nature. I wonder if the daring idea of human excellence will be supported by my fellow Americans and my fellow humans throughout the planet. If Vision-2020 receives the active support of a critical mass of people – perhaps as many as 100 million – then I wonder if the momentum of this movement will push our political leaders to commit to the cause of ensuring humanity’s survival and civilization’s preservation. The third reason is a philosophical belief in the virtue of human transcendence. Most of us constantly strive to master the art of being human. Humans are biologically animals and our baser animal nature often causes in us a savagery that leads to violence and even the annihilation of other people we consider a potential threat. But unlike other animals, we have the ability to be rational. We are at our best when we use reasoning and logic along with our intellect and imagination to work with each other to achieve a higher quality of life for all.

Vision-2020 is an achievable endeavor if enough people throughout the world support its goals for a better world for all humans. It’s the smart thing for us to do and it’s the right thing for us to do. If you believe global civilization and the human race are worth preserving, then please join the movement and show your support


Consider the gift the Founding Fathers gave the world on July 4, 1776. Consider the soldiers of the Continental Army who bravely stood against the British military to give us that gift, many paying the price with lives and limb. Let’s honor their bravery and sacrifice by continuing their fight for freedom


Instead of letting 2020 be a year of turmoil where Americans divide themselves by political ideologies, let us instead make 2020 into a year where we set aside the strife and join together as one people guided by the light of our nation’s ideals.


As the Founding Fathers did in 1776, let us give the world a gift of a better tomorrow for all. If we begin our journey today, together we make Earth a home for the human family that is celebrated for wide-spread peace, prosperity and social justice on July 4, 2076.

the importance of a free and independent press

our founding fathers

“If men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter.”

George Washington

First President of the United States of America

“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

Thomas Jefferson

United States President and Founding Father

“Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government: When this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins. Republics and limited monarchies derive their strength and vigor from a popular examination into the action of the magistrates.”

Benjamin Franklin

Inventor, US Statesman, Founding Father


the 20 goals

To protect our democratic institutions and ensure that we preserve our First Amendment rights of a Free Press, America must bring integrity back into mass media. That’s a key component of Vision-2020. The 20 goals of Vision-2020 are built upon the framework of a free press that informs, equips, and empowers people everywhere to help change the course of human history for the sake of humanity. Life Media Group wants to achieve this by building itself as a human-benefit company that is not focused on making a profit for stockholders or owners but instead using technology to promote media content and distribution that protects and enhances the quality of life in communities around the world to benefit the human family. Below are the 20 goals of Vision-2020. 

vision-2020: goals on democracy and sovereignty
  • A world where we protect and enhance the traditions of democracy in America and elsewhere.
  • A world where popular sovereignty is practiced by all people throughout our planet.
  • A world where all national economies are stable to achieve prosperity and the abundance of material blessings for all.
vision-2020: goals on responsible industry
  • A world where we encourage the entrepreneurship of small and medium-sized businesses in a spirit of creative capitalism.
  • A world where we intelligently wean global industrial civilization off its fossil fuel dependence and achieve the technological innovations to create millions of well-paying jobs through an expanding industry of clean, environmentally-sustainable energy sources.
vision-2020: goals on environmental stewardship
  • A world where everyone serves as a good steward in caring for the environment and taking responsibility for the ecological health of our biosphere.
  • A world we use our intelligence and imagination to find effective ways to reverse global warming to reduce the impact of climate change on civilization by the end of this century.


vision-2020: goals on education and learning
  • A world where all people build connections with each other in activities that celebrate our humanity through arts and entertainment.
  • A world where we transform education for young people through learning technologies and techniques that are cost-efficient, personally enriching and fun.
  • A world where we make available effective tools to learn knowledge and skills for all people regardless of age, income, gender, race, or other factors.
vision-2020: goals on freedom of thought & press
  • A world where we protect and enhance the rights of the free press for the defense and enhancement of all our other rights under democratic governance.
  • A world where all people have the right to freedom of thought and intellectual openness.
vision-2020: goals on individual sovereignty
  • A world where all individuals, regardless of gender, race, or creed, have diverse opportunities to grow as a true leader to serve the common good.
  • A world where women and men are treated fairly and equally in their jobs and careers, positions of authority, and elsewhere.
  • A world where all people have an opportunity to enjoy physical and mental health.
vision-2020: goals on global peace
  • A world where humanity brings a permanent peace for all nations by forever ending through a unity of humankind wars, terrorism and other violent conflict.
  • A world where for the first time in history all people on our planet are united in a new and true age of enlightenment where we strive to end homelessness, hunger and physical and psychological abuse.
  • A world where all people regardless of origin or ethnicity are treated with kindness,  compassion, and empathy.
vision-2020: goals on science and discovery
  • A world where all nations are united in the mutual pursuit of scientific knowledge for the benefit of humankind.
  • A world where all nations are united in the human exploration of space and the eventual colonization of potentially inhabitable worlds in our solar system.


what kind of world do you want?


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We Americans have climbed mountains and crossed valleys in the pursuit of the values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Holding strong to the heritage of our republic is a moral mandate for us now at a time when democracy is in danger.

Robert Airoldi, Editor Life Media Group LLC

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